So glad to meet you here which means my shop en site are online!! My name is Karin Luttenberg and for several years I am working as a graphic designer. Since 2006 I have my own studio by the name 'Studio Buskruit'. In my work I design logo's flyers, books, websites, advertisements and make illustrations

About two years ago I started to draw again, everyday. Yeah, with real pencil and paper!! It made me happy and gave me a lot of energy. My work is going great but now that I’ve refound my passion for drawing I’d like to pass the joy through my products.

The work I'm selling are cards, posters and other paper goodies with handdrawn typography and illustrations mostly in black and white. All is handdrawn by me and made digital by scanning and the help of some adobe software which I’m working with everyday.

I found that it’s very important and cliché maybe, to do what you love! Please choose wherever your heart takes you! If it was up to my dad I would be working in a hospital right now! ;-) So glad I made my own choices and I hope you will do too! With my products I want to make the world a lot more lovely and fun and bring a smile to your face!!

Get inspired everyday!
Karin Luttenberg

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